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Residential Charging Station

Short Description

The EVC11 locking slot ensures secure installation of the Model 3 charging station indoors and out. Meanwhile, the EVC11 is designed for all weather conditions and is tested and CE approved for safety and durability. With up to 22KW of power charging, it shortens the charging time of your electric vehicle battery and gives you longer driving pleasure.

Sample: Support
Customization: Support
Certification: CEOutput Power:7KW , 11KW , 22KW
Charging Interface: IEC 62196-2 , Type2 Plug
Internal Communication: OCPP 1.6 JSON (OCPP 2.0 compatible)
External Communication: LAN (optional) + Wi-Fi (optional)
Charging Control: Plug & Play / RFID (ISO14443)
Cable Length: 18ft (25ft charging cable optional)

Product Specifications
EU Model3 400 Volt Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
Short Description:

The 240-volt Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station can charge any EV up to 9 times faster than a regular outlet, with flexible current settings up to 50A (14A-50A) and plug-in or hard-wired installation. With a 3-year limited warranty and ETL electrical safety certification, our EV chargers are easy for any electrician to install indoors or out. The EVC12 EV Charger is a Wi-Fi-enabled charging station that provides smart charging capabilities through the app, including the ability to set charging schedules, receive connection reminders, view your entire charging history in one place, and connect to Alexa.

Sample: Support
Customization: Support
Certification: CE
Input Voltage: 230±10%(1- phase) or 400±10%(3- phase)
Output Power: 7KW , 11KW , 22KW
Charging Interface: IEC 62196-2 , Type2 Plug
External Communication: Wifi & Bluetooth (for APP smart control)
Charging Control: Plug & Play

Product Specifications
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