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IMS Policy

In order to assure health and safety requirements, our working conditions are regulated complying with law and legal regulations. Considering our workload and business, optimum working hours are determined to avoid disruption of internal dynamics. Our company works precisely to eliminate possible risks and to assure employee safety regardless of any condition. Our team offers eco-friendly solutions to remove the factors, have negative influence on the environment, in the projects of which we manage the operation process. We sensitively fulfill waste management and we work with diligence in this respect. We determine our standards based on smart, efficient and innovative strategies to keep our quality at the highest level.

Consisting of professional and senior employees, our team designs practical and innovative solutions for each single project. The competence of our employees is developed with occupational and HSE-Q trainings and workshops. Our employees are aimed to have a comprehension of human health, occupational safety, environmental awareness and quality in compliance with our corporate vision and business philosophy. Internalization of corporate values by everyone, working under Powerwind  Service structure, and compliance at the practice accordingly constitutes the core of our corporate culture.

The corporate management policies are determined in accordance with the Integrated Management System standards.The elaborative studies are fulfilled in order to ensure the optimum standards and to sustain them permanently.

Our quality management systems are certified with ISO 9001, environmental management systems with ISO 14001 and health and safety systems with ISO 45001.

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