POWERWIND has a long track record in delivering safe and flexible manpower solutions for wind industry clients all over the world. Our wide range of competences provides them with a one stop solution for onshore work.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations is all about choosing the right people for the job, and supporting them with proven processes and a strong, experienced project management team.

Our experience and in-depth understanding of the wind industry, together with our ability to take total responsibility for each job, contributes added value for our clients on each project, ensuring efficiency and reducing risk.

Our wide-ranging offer in onshore wind turbine installation and service supports our customers’ goal to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Services vary from wind turbine installation and service agreements, through to blade repair. The company also offers consultancy services.

People are at the heart of all our services, and our skilled personnel cover all the technical disciplines you would expect from an international specialist like POWERWIND.




Our Services:


  • Mechanical technicians (installation)

  • Electrical technicians (installation)

  • Paint-technicians

  • Commissioning technicians

  • Service technicians

  • Blade repair technicians

  • Heavy lift supervisors

  • Client representatives

  • Stock keepers

  • Site managers

  • Project Manager

  • EHS managers

  • Supervisors

  • Inspectors

  • Blade inspection and repair

  • Bolt torque and tension

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Oil and grease replacement

  • Electrical systems

  • Statutory testing of turbine mounted safety equipment

  • Statutory testing on hoisting equipment and lifts

  • Tower inspection and repair

  • Blade repair

  • Rope access


Retrofit works


  • Electrical systems

  • Gearbox replacement

  • Generator replacement

  • HSE retrofits

  • Inspection and repair of blade and blade bearings

  • Lifting equipment and hoists

  • Upgrading wind turbines to the highest safety standards

Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
Inspection and Repair


Monday - Friday    08:00-18:00

​Saturday ​                09:00-14:00


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